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Hotel Solitaire

Hotel Solitaire
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Hotel Solitaire has 15 different types of solitaire games to please every type of solitaire gamer. You can chose to visit each floor of the hotel and play solitaire in 5 different rooms, or you can choose Recreation to play solitaire at a relaxed untimed pace.

If you play the different levels however, it will unlock solitaire games in the Casino such as Pharaoh's Solitaire and Match 2 Solitaire. As you progress your way up the floors of the hotel, you can choose to play any room in any order, and you can replay the rooms as often as you want to achieve a better score. The following is a list of some of the main solitaire games available:

1) Facedown Cards: This is your typical game of Higher/Lower solitaire where you try to remove all cards from the board by placing cards either higher or lower than the cards shown on the deck. This game however has 3 cards shown on the deck versus the typical single card.

2) Match Pairs: This solitaire game requires you to make matches of the same number of card regardless of suit, again there are three deck cards shown at a time that can be used to make matches when there are no matches on the board itself.

3) Thirteen: This solitaire game requires you to remove cards that equal the number 13. The Ace is worth 1, the Jack worth 11, the Queen worth 12 and the King is worth 13 which means no other card is necessary when a King is involved.

4) Build Up: 4 Aces are placed on 4 foundation piles at the beginning of the game. You must build up the foundation pile with cards of the same suit in consecutive order.

5) Match Suits: This solitaire game requires you to remove cards from the board by matching two cards of the same suit. Those cards must be located in the same row or column.

If you are looking for a variety of solitaire games, look no further and enjoy!

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