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Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim

So you know that story where you play a boring normal student going about your boring normal day when suddenly, for no reason at all, the most popular girl on campus invites you to join the music club with five hot anime girls who all want to be your girlfriend?
Yeah, that dream was nice. In Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim, you actually have to earn your way around the sexy games, make choice and solve the puzzle of anime dating games in this waifu dating sim & anime dating games.
Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim have anime dating games with a sexy games twist, set in a dating app. Browse photos, find your match and romance attractive, adult characters with their own passion story. Exchange messages and flirty NSFW passion selfies with your anime waifu, or the other way around using our adult games dating sim, this aren't your old hentai, sexy games or NSFW anime dating games, this is Eroblast!.
Each lust waifu girl you match plays out like a mix of NSFW adult visual novel, anime dating games and puzzle games. Chat via direct messages, get to meet the waifu girls and once it’s time for a cool pick-up line or a hot passion topic question, you get to choose the next message you send and see their reactions, just solve the anime dating games and watch.
Anime dating games aren't that easy. Before the sexy games choices, you will play unique puzzle games. The higher your score in the anime games is, the more choices for your next NSFW message for your waifu you'll have, but be careful, these aren't hentai sexy games , these are adult waifu anime dating games filled with passion and fun.
There are more than 150 adult levels in our waifu anime dating games, designed by hand and more than a dozen unique anime mechanics, don’t expect basic match-3 puzzles slapped on top of waifu anime girls. If you don’t adapt your adult games choices strategies to the anime games, you won’t unlock your true anime dating games potential and uncover the secrets of waifu NSFW love as you solve anime adult games, this is not hentai, these are true waifu lust adult games.
There are a few potential waifu anime girlfriends to match with in the waifu dating sim & adult games, from bishoujo adult women to anime klutz, from tough biker waifu to cute moe girl (and secret hentai artist), find your passion match, flirt with them , build a relationship and grow old with them. Well, that last one is not in the game yet, but maybe in the sequel, who knows?
Nothing in our anime dating games & adult games is preventing you from going the multiple waifu adult games dates and trying to match 3 or more Waifu at the same time to create your own waifu harem of lust, passion, hentai, but, you know… That’s no way to treat a waifu, this ain’t a hentai game, son, these are true anime dating games with some puzzle adult games.
In Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim you can be sure of one thing: there are definitely hot single anime girls in your area, just solve the adult games to find them in the waifu anime dating games.
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Q: I’m a VN Waifu veteran, how much can I expect?
A: Each route has 30 choices with several answers leading to short branches, and between 5,000 and 10,000 words overall.
Q: How many waifus?
A: At the time of launch, there are 24 romanceable waifu women in our anime games dating sim.
Q: And CGs?
A: Five per waifu, currently.
Q: How many waifu puzzle games levels?
A: A: Over 150 and each is designed by hand - no auto-generated levels.

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