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Squid Games: Permainan Cumi
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Squid Games: Permainan Cumi

?? Red Light, Green Light or you gonna die!
Welcome to S-quid Games - Survival Challenge - 3D Battle - The most thrilling challenges in survival game based on popular K-drama. In Squid Survival Game, you will join as the main character number 456, trying to pass various death games to survive and win huge prizes.
Who will fail and be removed from the game?
Who will survive till the end and get the big prize?
Download Survival Challenge - 3D Battle for free and become the last survivor!
In Survival Challenge - Squid Game! - 3D Battle
?? Green light - Red light: the most impressive opening game that attracts many players. Therefore, the challenge and fighting rate is extremely high.
?Jump on the glass: How smart are you identify all fake glass? Be careful not to be fooled.
?Various mini games: Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy, Tug Of War, Jump on Glass
?Beautiful high-resolution graphics
?Extremely eye-catching interface
?Familiar music and effect that brings a sense of thrill and fear.
?Phone and tablet support

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