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All Doc Reader & Document Viewer

All Doc Reader & Document Viewer of all docs including word, Xls, ppt & pdf file text file reader & viewer or TXt file opener is a free app that enables you to read docs text files, ppt files, word files, excel data sheet files. It is pocket all document reader and used to read offline PDF Books, Word text office documents, All document reader. You can also check your data sheets with the help of this document reader. Manage all your documents with this application. This document reader is a kind of document manager that can read your all files including your presentation ppt, documents reader and viewer, word files, text notes files. It’s a pdf viewing reader & pdf all the Pdf files and pdf books. You can also read all your office docs including your important office meetings soft copy files. Excel data sheets files reader, Presentation files reader docx reader & viewer word, Docx file opener.

Main Features:-
1. Document reader
2. Document viewer
3. Docs reader-All kinds of files reader & viewer
4. Documents manager-Read all your PDF Files
5. TXT files reader
6. PPT Files reader and viewer
7. Simple & easy to Use

Other Features:-

1. Completely offline document viewing. No need for internet or data to read a document.
2. It takes only needs a couple of MBs.
3. Fast open document.
4. Easy to search for documents from an internal and external location.
5. Directly read file for anywhere via open app feature.
6. Easy to document attached to your email.
7. Provide a folder view structure easy to find the document.
8. It provides the option to see the file with the full path so identifies where the file exists.
9. Quickly open the doc, ppt, Xls, pdf, txt file formats.
10. Word, PPT, PDF Support quick scroll to a particular page.

All Doc Reader & Document Viewer: -
1. This file reader is a word document file reader support many document file formats.
2. A new file reader you can use to open all your word document
3. An application to read all your documents all in one simple attractive interface and user-friendly small in size Docx reader & viewer word application.
4. Pdf reader word document and docs reader app is suitable for opening .pdf files as office docx viewer is a reliable reader app and pdf expert search your document easily with odf reader.

Document Reader & Document Viewer: -

Document Reader or Document Viewer is all in one complete support all mobile and tabs. Easy and reliable to use fully compatible offline docs reader, Xls viewer, all types of pdf books eBooks, Best doc reader doc viewer Doc Manager, Office documents, school college notes, and all important documents, you can use it as default document reader default Docx viewer directly open docx files, ppt files, ppt files. You have all documents in your pocket. You can read at school, college and Universities. You don’t need an internet connection to read Docx files, ppt files, word files, excel files, pdf files. You can take a snapshot of any document and share and paste with friends, share it with anyone. Fast document viewer loads all files very fast; it helps you to manage and view your documents easily. Document reader app for docs viewer and you can crop a few words, few lines, and also share it with your friends & family members and colleagues. Its UI is simple easy understandable. Documents Viewer saves your phone memory. It's all in one simple.

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