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At hago, you can discover new friends while enjoying games, video chat and stream. We proudly built this platform, so people can come together and hang out anytime, anywhere.
[200+ games for you to play]
Ranging from 1-on-1 competitions, to group-chat games, and to group-video games, there are over 100+ games you can play on Hago.
[Thousands of free chat rooms]
You can choose your favorite chat room from thousands of rooms and chat with people from all over the world on topics that interest you.
[Group chat]
Explore the public chat rooms from chill peeps or grab your squad for a private, invite-only online hangout.
[Exciting stream rooms with different topics]
Come to Hago's stream rooms whenever you get bored. Tens of thousands of talented hosts are waiting for you. There are plenty of categories to choose from, like singing, dancing, cooking and more.
Join Hago to make new friends at ease.
Join Hago and interact with old friends.
Check out our sites and stay in touch with us
Website: www.hago.sg

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