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Loco: Watch Live Game Streams, Play Quiz & Games
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Loco: Watch Live Game Streams, Play Quiz & Games

Loco is India's leading live game streaming app. Now you can watch your favorite game videos of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Apex Legends, CS GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, FIFA and more.

On Loco you can watch India's best upcoming gamers play top games, follow the top gamers and engage with them.

You can also participate in live quizzes every day and win prizes. You can also play free games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool and Bull Bash.

On Loco, we have three ways of bringing the best of gaming to you.

Game Streaming and eSports: Watch live games played by some of the best gamers of India. Catch all the action as some of the top gamers stream games on Loco.

You can also watch best skills, game tutorials, highlights, and other game videos of top games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Free Fire, CS Go, Dota 2, Apex Legends, FIFA, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, League of Legends and GTA V.

Top Features:

Live Game Streaming
Watch live games being played by top gamers on mobile, PC, Playstation as well as Xbox. You can watch live video games in HD, share videos and chat with members of the gaming community watching the video.

Video on Demand
You can watch the best pieces from game streams, like highlights, recaps, tutorials, best skills, best moments, funny game videos, etc., whenever you like.

Connecting with the Gamer Community
On Loco, you can follow top gamers, watch game videos and gift stickers to the gamers you admire. You can also use Live Chat during the live game streaming to chat with other game watchers and with the game streamer. You can comment on game video highlights, replays, etc.

Becoming a streamer and a star on Loco (coming soon!)
You can also sign up to stream your games live on Loco.

Loco Quiz
Loco Quiz is played several times every day and has 10 questions in each quiz. If you can answer all correctly, you win real money. Quiz questions range from politics, cricket, news, current affairs, GK, sports, history, geography, science, technology, etc. Loco Quiz isn’t just for trivia fans, but it is about unique, entertaining game shows like Loco Story and Loco Bazaar as well. Join in today to have fun and become a winner!

Multiplayer Games on Loco Arena
If casual gaming is your thing, then play Multiplayer Games on Loco Arena - compete 1-on-1. Why play games alone? Play Carrom, Ludo, Pool, Bull Bash and many more multiplayer games live against real players! Play with friends and strangers to conquer the world.

Single Player Games on Loco Arena
Or play Single Player Games - test your skills! Play your favorite games like Bubble Shooter, Aqua Shooter, Tetroid, Knife Ninja, Solitaire and many more. Choose your mode - 180 seconds battle or play till you can. Aim for high scores every time you play.

Loco is the home of Indian gaming. Watch, Stream, Play, Repeat!

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