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Often watched file gets stored on the device so it is recommended to clean up the Temporary File Folder. The interface of Popcorn Time is intuitive and easy. The first screen of the app allows the user to get access to the recently released content for download. For the selection of the content, simply use the search toolbar near the right corner of the screen.

Popcorn Time users can now easily drag and then drop the subtitles on their player. This means that users will be able to drag & drop the external torrents as well as the external subtitles to directly stream it. Another upgrade is for the Power Users which gives them the option to keep download files even after they shut down the app.

Eye Icon

This is another great upgrade in the Popcorn time app which lets the user know that they have either watched the video or not with an Eye-Icon appearing right beside it.

Advanced Settings

While the Advanced Settings do not allow users to share the video file after watching on P2P. The overall general performance of Popcorn Time has been improved with features like the selection of subtitles and new languages.

New Features

Some of the features added in the Popcorn Time are a follows.

Bugs that have been fixed

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