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Voice Changer - Voice Editor Pro

The application can change your voice in real time: speak into the microphone of your mobile device and synchronize the output of the changed voice in the speaker. You can use a fake gender voice: male/female. You can play as Tomcat, Squirrel, Darth Vader, etc. There are 200 live voices you can use. You can even adjust the tone color with a specially designed 12-band equalizer to make the sound more natural. It gives you the opportunity to easily charm your friends on the phone, in games or in voice chats in social applications, etc. All you need is the app, another phone and a set of soundboxes.

This is also the live microphone with 15 reverb effects. With these effects, your voice can be polished to perfection. Plug your iOS device into the stereo system and then, using the foldback feature with the reverb effects in it, you can do vocal exercises, get everyone's attention, do radio broadcasts. You can even send the played sound to your friends through the talkback function of the social application.

Sound effects that can be changed
-Anime character's voice
-Voice of a movie star
-Sports stars' voices
-Little boy's voice
-Voices of little girls
-Voice of professional voice actor
-Game character's voice
-Voice of rugby star
-Voices of political leaders
-Musician's voice
-Simulation of friends' voices

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