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Hungryji is a food ordering and delivery App that works as your personal steward. Surf easily through numerous dishes from among different restaurants and order food from the comfort of your home or office. Hungryji will pick up your order, feed it to the restaurants, pick up the meal and deliver it to your doorstep while it is still warm and delicious.
Are you having guests and not in the mood to cook? Have you run out of kitchen supplies? Now oder delicious meal from choicest of restaurants in your neighborhood through Hungryji App
Busy at office? No time to step out for your meal? Download Hungryji and order from the comfort of your chair.
We promise delivery at the shortest period. Once you confirm your order our fleet gets into action, feeds the order to restaurants, picks it up warm and dashes off for delivery
Surf – Surf through numerous dishes from among restaurants of your choice
Order – Place order what you are in mood for
Pay – Pay securely to Hungryji for your order
Enjoy – our swift delivery fleet will dash off to your doorstep for fast delivery. Enjoy your meal at the comfort of your house of office

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