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SCHOOOL: English & Korean

Teach or Learn English & Korean anytime, anywhere. SCHOOOL provides an ideal platform for both language teachers and students.

Learn, Teach and Interact
● Create mobile classes and study together with anyone in the world. Teach or learn English & Korean anytime, anywhere.

● Use our smart learning tools that will make your study even easier and more efficient.

● Run your mobile classes at SCHOOOL. You have every tool to efficienlty operate online classes.

● Do you want to have a group study with your friends or students? Create a class and study with them together anytime and anywhere. We provide fully customized features for teaching and learning English & Korean.

● You can also join classes created by other SCHOOOL members from around the world.

[Smart Learning Assistants]

Archive English & Korean expressions in the smart Notebook we provide. Notebook helps you to listen and repeat the expressions.

RE∙MEMBER is an A.I. that helps you to repeat and memorize sentences. It trains your brain not to forget learned sentences, using scientifically-proven interval and repetition patterns.

StudyFlow is a combination of 3 smart learning tools that enable you to repeat, practice and test English & Korean expressions. You can create your own StudyFlows with a few clicks. Or you can choose from pre-made StudyFlows that contain the most commonly used English & Korean expressions.

Geo Notes is the location-based virtual study notes. We located them around the globe. Each Geo Notes contains useful English & Korean expressions frequently used in its location. The expressions vary based on the location types such as hospitals and shopping malls. You can find the virtual Notes using this app. You can also create your own Geo Notes and locate them anywhere.

Do you have any doubts on the English & Korean phrases you want to use? Search them on Lingo Finder. Lingo Finder helps you to browse sentence examples that are commonly used by English & Korean native speakers.

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